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Unless you've been living in a cave for the past several years, chances are you've heard of the mega-selling platform for handmade goods...Etsy! What surprises me however is when people never even consider it as a viable selling platform. Perhaps that describes YOU! I've met some who equate "handmade" with the crafts they made as a kid. Others have seen Etsy as a "kumbaya" feel-good marketplace primarily for women or those who can't get a "real" job. Whatever the reason, the REALITY is... 
If you’re not selling on products on Etsy, 
you’re missing out on a MASSIVE opportunity!
So you might be wondering… "Okay, but isn't it true that products MUST be handmade to sell on Etsy?" Yes and no! Etsy allows you to sell 3 different types of goods...handmade, vintage and craft supplies. And of those three, HANDMADE is where the magic is because Handmade can take on a LOT of forms, including DIGITAL products, like customizable PDFs, templates, instructional materials and more. can also sell digital goods on Etsy!
The TRUTH is that ANYONE can find something they're passionate about to sell on Etsy! But that also opens up a huge can of worms. It's one thing to decide to sell on Etsy...and it's another to know HOW to sell on Etsy. There are LOTS of factors that affect your success or failure, like...
  • What are the BEST products to sell on Etsy?
  • How many items to I need to open a store?
  • Should my store be set up a specific way?
  • What kinds of photos should I use for my products?
  • How do I handle shipping?
  • And MANY more questions...
That’s Where I Can Help You!
Over the years, I've taught a LOT about creating and selling ALL types of products, from mugs, coloring books and jigsaw puzzles to digital PDF's, templates and photography. And the ONE question I'm asked over and over again is do I sell this product on Etsy? Personally I LOVE Etsy! I sold my photography prints there for a few years. That's how I know how powerful a selling platform Etsy is. And that's why I've decided to create a BRAND-NEW training course called...
“Maker Shop Success”
In “Maker Shop Success” we will cover EVERYTHING you need to know to setup your OWN successful Esty shop...from setting up the store to marketing it to the world. Here's what you can expect...
  • Module 1: Product Research, Keywords and Trends. It's important to understand what's selling on Etsy and why. While you can sell many types of products on Etsy, it makes sense to have keen insight on the best ways to present that product. Having the right product titles, descriptions, keywords and more make ALL the difference to your success.
  • Module 2: Setting Up Your Etsy Shop, Step-by-Step. Setting up your own store can be intimidating, especially if you're not familiar with the technology...and that's why I'll be setting up a store from ground zero during the training, step-by-step.
  • Module 3: Product Photography 101. If you ask any Etsy expert what they ONE thing is that will kill sales on Esty, they will tell you the product photos. They're THAT important. The good news is that I understand product photography and will guide you in the best photo methods you can (and should) use to make your store stand out to the masses!
  • Module 4: Marketing Your Shop to Make Sales. There is no such thing as, “If I build it they will come!” Customers can't buy your awesome products if they aren't aware they even exist. Marketing is an essential part of the success equation and we'll explore the best marketing strategies you can use to boost your success!
I'm ALSO Including Some of My Best Product Creation Training...
As a BONUS, I'm also including FOUR of my favorite product creation trainings that show great products you can create and sell through Etsy. Up until now, these trainings have ONLY been available to members of my exclusive academy. You'll love these in-depth trainings!
  • Bonus 1: Custom Lapel Pins: In this session, we cover: Why Create Lapel Pins? , Best Options for Custom Lapel Pins, Designing for Lapel Pins, Preparing Your Art and Much More!
  • Bonus 2: Poster Creation Insights: In this session, we cover: Opportunities with Creating Custom Posters, Content and Where to Find It, Design and Layout Strategies, The Best Printing Options, Where to Sell Your Posters and Much More!
  • Bonus 3: Jigsaw Puzzle Connection: In this session, we cover: Piecing Together the Jigsaw Puzzle, Puzzle Product Options, Sourcing Your Designs, Getting Your Puzzles Produced and Much More!
  • Bonus 4: Pins, Magnets & Buttons: In this session, we cover: Buttons and Magnets…Little Products With a Big Margin, Getting Started…It’s Like Mugs, But… , Simple Product Creation Strategies, Your Best Sources for Manufacturing and Much More!
  • You'll have ongoing access to ALL the replays and BONUS trainings.
  • There is a private Facebook Group dedicated to the trainings for Member's Only.
The BEST Part Is...
While this training will be Beginner-Friendly and comprehensive, it will ALSO include everything you'll need to get your OWN Etsy store up and running! That's GREAT news!

The regular price for this training is $197, but as an Introductory Offer, you can gain access to the LIVE-taught training for all 4 modules, as well as Instant Access to the BONUS trainings for a small investment of only...
Just $97!
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“Maker Shop Success” 
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